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Obama Health Care

This is an open letter to the entire Democratic Party.

The majority of the United States of America does not want your health care bill.  The polls prove it, yet you refuse to accept the fact.  You blame racism.  I’m going to dispell that right now. 

Let me tell you what racism in America is today.  Racism is when you vote for someone because of that person’s race, an nothing else.  Racism is when you ignore issues, ignore what you stand for, ignore what you know to be right, and instead vote for someone because “it’s time we had an African-American President”.  How many African-Americans do you suppose voted for Obama because he’s black whether they agree with his policies or not?  How many do you suppose voted for him and didn’t know anything about his policies?  How many do you suppose voted for President and left the rest of the ballot blank?  I think someone probably has the statistics on that, but we’re never going to see it because it would be WAY too telling.  THAT is racism. 

Now with that in mind, how do you suppose the election would have gone if Obama wasn’t black?  It was a pretty close race.  If it had been a landslide I would concede that he won on platform.  And by that I mean that he won by convincing enough people that he was the “change” we all needed.  But that is not the case.  If you eliminate the voters that voted for him simply because he’s black and most likely wouldn’t have voted at all otherwise, he loses. 

Here’s the point of this whole thing:  If you eliminate the race issue, the election results show us that the majority of America CLEARLY is not on the left.  This is simple proof that the majority of America does not want your health care bill.  We don’t think that way.  We want Liberty more than we want government control.  Americans are mostly in the center politically.  If every adult in America took a 10-question quiz that was designed to determine their political leaning and was worded in a way that the answers aren’t blatantly left or right, most people would be shown to be in the center.  You know I’m correct here even though you tell us otherwise.  So with that in mind, what makes you think it’s acceptable to run the country in an extremely leftist way?  And make no mistake, that is what you are attempting to do.  It doesn’t matter what YOU want if WE don’t support it.  You are supposed to represent US.  When you stop doing that, you become useless and expendible.  You become a problem instead of an asset, something that we need to rid ourselves of.  And when we rid ourselves of you, your career-ending agendas will be the only thing to blame.  It is such a sad thing that we have to threaten to vote you out in order to force you to represent us.   What does that say about you? 

If you were to suddenly become honest and find some inetgrity, you would not be able to do this to your constituents.