Political Protestors

You’ve seen them.  They go to any non-liberal event and try to outnoise whoever is speaking to disrupt them and to keep people from hearing what the speakers have to say.  Isn’t this an infringement on the speaker’s right to free speech?  And if we have a right to free speech, doesn’t that go hand in hand with a right to free listening?  I believe it does.  We have the right to listen to whomever we want to listen to.  Otherwise, the right to free speech is useless. 

So here’s what I’m getting at.  Why do we allow these people to do it?  We let them stand there and shout and be in the way.  We let them take away our basic rights.  We can’t remove them by force, no matter how attractive that idea is.  It’s not legal so it puts us in the same group as them (annoying, uninformed assholes).  So it looks like we have to let them be there doing what they came to do.  They are going to disrupt the event no matter what we do, we have to just deal with that.  Here’s what I propose: 

First, we must NEVER do to them what they do to us.  Don’t try to drown out the speaker at liberal events.They are in the wrong and we mustn’t join that club. 

Second, bring a bullhorn to the event and get in THEIR face.  Stand right in front of them and say “blah blah blah” every time they speak.  We can’t stop them from disrupting, but we can stop them from spreading their message at events where no one in attendance wants to hear them.

Third, make your own signs supporting the event and stand right in front of the liberal sign holders to block anyone from seeing their sign.  They are pasty-skinned hippies who hate violence, we should have no problem outmaneuvering them. 

Don’t touch them unless it’s in self defense, and even then only when you have cameras on you to document the fact that they started the violence.  They often do because they are hypocrites who preach peace and love until someone gets on their nerves.  Simply stand in their way and smile, all the while blocking any attempt they make at disruption.  Fair play.


1 Response to “Political Protestors”

  1. 1 pohlse September 30, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    Before anything of those can happen, though, you must find a way to overcome the political apathy that has taken a strangle hold on the country.

    [Privatestock says: I disagree. I think a handfull of people at pro-America events to perform this function would be all it would take to turn around the effect the liberals are trying to have. And just think how much fun pissing off the Sheehanian types would be.

    Conservatives seem to be afraid to confront these people, and that’s why they keep doing it. Make it as unpleasant for them to be there as their presence is unpleasant for us, and they might think twice about being so publicly annoying. I’m just brainstorming here because something needs to be done.]

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