Make A Noise

I received an email from my local congressman’s office in response to an email I sent objecting to a bit of legislation.  Here’s what his office wrote:

Thank you for your recent correspondence in opposition of the lobbying reform amendments included in House Resolution 6.   As written, this resolution would negatively limit grass roots lobbying, but would not regulate other forms of lobbying and special interests.  Because of this unfairness, I opposed this bill, which unfortunately passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 232-200.    
Had this legislation been sent through the normal committee process, as opposed to being thrown into an agenda to be quickly passed through the House, these ‘loopholes’ would have been acknowledged.  The Senate, which allowed amendments, defeated the provision pertaining to grass roots lobbying.  I believe through a bipartisan effort we could have produced meaningful legislation that would affect all areas of lobbying and not only attempt to regulate the voices of the heart of America. 

Okay, now here’s what I have a problem with.  We REALLY need to stop the practice of throwing legislation “into an agenda to be quickly passed through the House”.  That should be illegal.  Nothing should be able to be sneaked in and passed before anyone has an opportunity to voice opposition.  It’s completely inapporpriate for a Congressman to misuse the trust given to him by his constituents.  Like I said recently in a comment on another blog site; we put you in office, we can take your ass out.

Do you guys realize what it will take to fix this situation if we don’t reign in these maniacs soon?  Revolution.  An uprising of the citizens against their government.  I don’t believe the people of this country have the backbone to do something like that, so we’re screwed, but that is what it will take in the not-so-distant future.  In our lifetime.

Write to your congressmen when they do things you don’t agree with.  Make a noise, otherwise you won’t be heard.  It’s not that hard, doesn’t take that much time, and it works if enough of us do it.  Stop letting yourselves be told what to think.


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