What’s the Current Situation?

 This is a companion commentary to my Gore rant.

The media can continue to only show us what they want us to see, but enough of us know that’s what they’re doing.  They can praise Gore’s little fictional chicken little story and throw awards at it and try to convince us that his opinions are shared by all the thinking people of the world, but enough of us know what they’re up to.  It might not look that way at the moment, what with the Republican party losing both houses recently, but that wasn’t America siding with the Democrats.  That was America sending a message to our leaders that we want our Republican party back.  We’ve seen too much of our government not doing what it’s supposed to be doing, not doing what it is paid VERY WELL for, not doing what we elected them to do, and we have fired them for it.  This is proof that our system of government works.  It’s not perfect, if it was there would have been another realistic option besides the Democratic party.  But we proved that if you screw around too much and don’t produce what we hired you to produce, just like in any business, you’re gonna be replaced. 

Now comes the scary part.  The Democrats are clearly trying to convert us into a socialist society.  This is proof that the Democrats are really really stupid.  But our Republican party has gone so far away from what they’re supposed to be that we (as a country) decided to replace them with the Anti-Democratic Socialist Wannabe Party.  They have a couple years of control before we can rend it back from them, and we have to hope they don’t screw it up too badly during that time.  But more importantly, we have only two years to whip our party back into shape.  The same old crap isn’t going to get re-elected.  It’s not a pretty picture.  I’m not seeing anyone who really fills me with confidence.  I hope I’m not forced to once again choose the lesser of evils.

So how do we fix our party?  The real question is how do we fix our country?  Let’s start by keeping it simple until we have a plan of action. 

  • What is wrong with America?  What isn’t working?
  • Why isn’t it working?
  • What can we change to make it work better?
  • What do we need to do away with, and what do we replace it with?
  • Who supports what’s not working?  And why?
  • What’s important now, as opposed to what’s not really important for a few decades?
  • Are we worrying about things that aren’t really that important?  Are we not worrying about things that are?

We have a lot of work to do, and we have some very strong forces that are going to fight us every step of the way.  Do we have the stomach for this?  Do we have the balls?  Or shall we give up and elect Hillary? 


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