The Gorey Truth

Here is a news flash.  Al Gore lost the presidential election fair and square.  Bush won it legally, without cheating, without “stealing” any votes.  I know it’s a painful truth for some people to accept, but no amount of whining, throwing tantrums and making jokes about it on big extravagant television shows will change the facts.  Gore lost.  It was a valiant effort, he came close to pulling it off, but in the end he just didn’t do well enough.  And if he runs again, he’ll lose again.  And do you know why?  Because enough of us don’t buy his crap science and scare tactics.  Enough of us see his (and the rest of the left elite’s) hypocrisy for what it is.  Enough of us don’t trust him, don’t like him, and would vote for almost anyone else (except John Kerry) to keep him from having the power to finish what the Democratic party has started.  The demise of the United States of America. 


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