Whenever I talk politics with a Democrat, I try to get them to tell me what exactly it is that they stand for.  I take the party out of it and talk just individual issues.  It’s amazing how often a person who calls himself a liberal has conservative opinions.  I’ve realized that many liberals are really conservatives who don’t know they’re conservatives.  I blame the media for that.  When people see everyone they admire and respect (actors, professors, musicians, etc.) saying conservatives are evil and liberals are heroes, and the Republican Party is bringing on the appocolypse and the Democrats are gonna save us all, of course they go with what looks like the good guys.  This is a country full of people who have been trained to be told what to think.  We’re fed it day in and day out, and anyone who disagrees with the mainstream opinion is labeled an extremist.  To find a non-liberal opinion in the media you have to actually go out of your way and look for it.  This more than anything else is what’s killing our great country. 

If the Republocrats (sounds better than Demoblicans) had an easily accessible source of informed common sense political commentary, their allegiances would change.  Their opinions wouldn’t so much because they are already right in a lot of areas, but the way they label themselves and more importantly the way they vote would change.  We have to make the truth more commonly known and stop accepting the lies we hear every day.  We’ve lost control of the situation and we desperately need to get it back.  We’ve let our government and the media start digging America’s grave.  They’re about two feet down and still digging.  If we elect a liberal president next year it will be a hard fight to keep them from digging the other four feet.  If we don’t take the shovels from their hands, Plymouth Rock will be replaced with a tombstone that says “Here lies the United States of America”.  Next to it will be a sign that says “Welcome to the Socialist States of North America.  C’mon in.”


2 Responses to “Republocrats”

  1. 1 seejanemom February 9, 2007 at 7:46 pm

    I prefer “Demoblicans” because it feels like so many other words…demagogue…mob…Mohicans…so delicious, our language, no?

    To the point, you are right on and there is little hope for the average American mouth breather to make an INFORMED POLITICAL DECISION in this country the media has not alredy made for him.

    Blog baby. READ the Founders and BLOG YOUR SOUL….

  2. 2 Candy Slice February 13, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Even though I campaigned for Ronald Reagan (my first presidential election) – for some strange reason, I still considered myself a liberal (I was pro-choice afterall). It was funny and wonderful when my eyes began to open to my inner conservative-Republican.

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