The Creeper has a post about Imus on MSNBC whining that bill O’Reilly said he will send a copy of his book to a soldier in Iraq every time someone buys a copy.  I’ve never heard of this Imus guy, but after watching the clip I can’t help but wonder why he even has a job.  He doesn’t make a point, he just sits there and waves his hands around and whines.  What is the problem with someone doing a sales promotion, especially when it involves giving to the troops?  No one is being hurt, it’s not an unheard of idea, I see nothing wrong at all.  If a liberal windbag wants to do the same thing to promote his book, I’m all for that too.  This Imus person is obviously employed by MSNBC to do nothing more than complain about Fox and Bush and anything else conservative that he can think of.  Worthless.

But the reason for this post is to point out that Imus looks just like The Creeper from the old Scooby Doo cartoon.

Imus on MSNBCThe Creeper on Scooby Doo


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