Return To Sender

This week in California police started rounding up illegal immigrants.  423 “criminal aliens” were taken into federal custody from prisons, as well as 338 undocumented immigrants in local communities, about half of whom were foreign nationals who ignored their final deportation orders.  The notable thing about this story is that the immigrants interviewed seem amazed that it happened.  One guy said, “We used to feel secure here, but it looks like that honeymoon is over.”  Another guy said, “We hadn’t seen anything like this before, and it came as a shock.”  This, I think, explains why there is an immigration problem here.  We’ve apparently never done anything to make them worry about being here illegally.  They say there’s 10 to 12 million undocumented (illegal) immigrants living in the US, and 2.5 million of them are in California.  If a raid like this in California is shocking news to immigrants, somebody (ICE) hasn’t been doing thier job. 

You might think this is an encouraging step, but let’s do the math.  If there are 10 million of them to deal with, and this raid (which took 7 days) nabbed 761 of them, then we need 13,140 more identical raids to eliminate the problem.  In addition to that, we need to not let any more in illegally, or the numbers will just go back up.  And the biggest issue is that we don’t know where a bunch of them are, so we can’t round them up even if we are ready to.  Let’s look at the numbers again.  If we do 10 of these raids a week somewhere in the country, it’s gonna take over 25 years to get them all.  That’s if there’s only 10 million now and we don’t get any more. 

If we can get ICE to do the job they’re paid (by us) to do, we can at least reduce the flow.  If there’s no real feeling of security and violators are treated harshly, the incentive to come here illegally is greatly reduced.  But given ICE’s track record, I suspect this raid was politically motivated and not really the start of things to come.  The illegals will know soon enough if the honeymoon is really over or not. 


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