Take Responsibility For Your Willy

Today an AIDS group called the AIDS Healthcare Foundation sued Pfizer Inc. for running ads that make Viagra look like a “party drug”.  It seems that some people are getting Viagra illegally and using it when they take crystal meth.  You see, crystal meth makes you horny, but at the same time makes you floppy.  So people are combining Viagra with it to help them get their drug-induced freak on.  The group claims this has caused an increase in the spread of AIDS.

Viagra is a drug that you can only get from your doctor, and you’ll only get it if you need it to treat erectile disfunction.  But if you talk to some guy named Guido in an alley behind a warehouse, and he sells you a pill for $50, and you take it when you’re high and have sex with someone you just met, and you end up getting AIDS from them, don’t worry because it’s Pfizer’s fault. 

When are we going to start taking responsibility for our own actions?  Problems we cause by our own decisions are our fault, not anybody else’s.  The only way to catch AIDS is by sticking your willy where it doesn’t belong.  Don’t do that and you won’t get a STD.  It’s that simple. 

So you’re using crystal meth, which is illegal, and you’re taking viagra with it that you got illegally.  How is the result of what happens next anyone’s fault except your own?  It IS your fault, no matter who you want to blame it on.  Try to choose more wisely next time.  If you get a next time. 


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